Do you like gems πŸ’Ž? Joining forces with PolyCrystal! β€” First Polygon Bermuda πŸ”Ί

We are proud to announce our first partner in the Polygon network! one of the fastest growing farms πŸš€

Released just a little over a week ago and have not gone below eight digits on TVL 🀩 with their interesting Pools and Farms we are joining to PolyCrystal!

That is why first of all we will open a farm for the $CRYSTL-MATIC pair without fees, in addition to the first Bermuda πŸ”Ί at Polygon!

$CRYSTL Bermuda πŸ”Ί

  • Date: Today July 1st, at 16:00 UTC
  • Rewards: $CRYSTL πŸ’Ž
  • Amount to be distributed: 2942 $CRYSTL πŸ’Ž
  • Duration Time: 15 Days
  • Staking Token: $TAKO πŸ™ (Polygon)
  • Maximum time multiplier: 2x at day 10 πŸ“ˆ

The two things will be released at the same time! 😎

PolyCrystal is going to open a farm with our $TAKO-MATIC pair and from now on you can earn $TAKO in their pool that we just top up! πŸ₯’

That is all for now! πŸ’œπŸ™

Follow us on all our social networks to keep up with the news! πŸ™

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