Initial Tako Offering — BaldrNetwork 🛡️!

After a loooong month, we bring news. We know that the market is somewhat strange lately, that’s why we bring you a new opportunity ✨!

Our first ITO (Initial Tako Offering) comes from the heights of Valhalla 🌌 with Baldr Network, a new name resonates in DeFi 2.0, a protocol that is just starting.

Who is BaldrNetwork🛡️?

As we said before, it’s a DeFi 2.0 protocol that will be deployed on the Polygon network, if you have not entered any before, we will briefly explain it.

DeFi 2.0 consists of the evolution of the DeFi that everyone knows, fixing the weak points, such as centralization, security and scalability. In these protocols, all the treasure or TVL is managed by the protocol for its benefit, allowing it to follow strategies that allow increasing the treasures using it to generate profits on other platforms.

They also solve the problem of governance since it allows decisions to be made by a DAO.

Why host this ITO on TakoDefi?

As you know, the market is not at its best, and neither is our project. We look for alternatives to generate new opportunities for our dear holders 🐙 who have trusted us from the beginning and for us to continue growing as a project. We see it as an opportunity for you as an investor and for new projects to have a first impulse 🚀

How will it work?

The ITO will be host at BSC and will start on 02/10/2022 at 16:00 UTC on our website, a section for ITO will be enabled.
The sale itself will consist of special BaldrxTako NFTs worth 5 $BALDR each, it will be an open public sale paid in $TAKO or $INKU.

In this opportunity, 100 NFTs will be sold at an approximate price of $50USD each, the exact price of each NFT in $TAKO or $INKU will be determined and announced in a few days, due to volatility.

The delivery of the $BALDR tokens will be made by BaldrNetwork team through a direct airdrop in the wallets of the NFT holders on Polygon network, it will be airdropped at the launch of the platform.

$BALDR tokens will be valuated at $13USD on it’s launch on DEX, so only for participating you are earning instant +30% 💰 don’t lose the chance to get in!

Anyway, if you don’t get to participate there will be a second round on their platform a day later to get $BALDR before the launch.

🔥 Follow BaldrNetwork in all their socials to get involved

There is a week left that will have a lot of surprises, AMAs, contests and more stay up to our socials!

Follow us on all our social networks to keep up with the news! 🐙

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