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2 min readFeb 14, 2022



After a little more than a week of announcement our ITO arrives, in less than 24 hours the long-awaited pre-sale of @BaldrNetwork begins on our platform.
We are happy to finally announce the prices that NFTs will have, but first let’s remember a bit:

The sale itself will consist of special BaldrxTako NFTs worth 5 $BALDR each, it will be an open public sale paid in $TAKO or $INKU.

In this opportunity, 100 NFTs will be sold at an approximate price of $50USD each

Now, the official values are:

  • Date: February 15 at 16:00 UTC ⌚
  • Amount to sale in TAKO: 75 NFTs at 9000 $TAKO each 🐙
  • Amount to sale in INKU: 25 NFTs at 750 $INKU each 🖤
  • Place:

How to participate?

As we always said, it will be a public sale for any tako or inku holder, a section will be enabled for ITO where you can find the following:

You will have to approve the use of your TAKO or INKU depending on what you use as in any other section of the platform

Then, you can mint the number of NFTs you want according to your balances:

When you finish minting you will be able to find your NFTs on BSCScan in the ERC-721 Tokens section or using the direct link

Another way is that you can search the holders of the NFTs at the following token contracts:

That’s all, remember that the airdrop of the $BALDR tokens will be automatic on the Polygon network before the launch of their platform

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