New pool/farms are coming! — Update on the use of fees

Hi guys! How have you been? 👋
Today we bring you good news, starting today we will open new pools and farms to activate the $TAKO market. ✨

None of the ones that opens today will have a $TAKO pair, so they will have a small deposit fee associated with it (3%). It is important to know this since later we will tell you how we are going to use that fee.

Without going any further the list of new pools and farms:


  • WBNB



You can buy any of these Tokens or APE LPs at ApeSwap 🍌

All these Pools/Farms opens on Monday🚀

Update on deposit fees use

So why did we make the decision to open these pools / farms?

Because we are going to use a part of the fees obtained for fund our next pool that will reward in another token! 🥳

In addition TAKOs will be burn when depositing in this pool, we have not decided the reward token yet but for sure you will like it, we have an open poll on twitter and TG if you want to vote there.

We will be informing in the following days when this pool starts and how it will work. Also we will update the official documentation with the changes of fees.

We have not chosen a name for this new pool either, can you think of one? let us know on our social networks!

See you soon! 🐙




Your cool blooded best Yield Farm 🎣

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Tako DeFi

Tako DeFi

Your cool blooded best Yield Farm 🎣

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