Octo News 🐙— Next Bermuda / Pools Announcement

Glowing ink ☢️

Hey folks, are you hungry for more $INKU 🤑?
Wait no more, we bring you the new Bermuda 🔺 that will reward you with our exclusive $INKU token 🖤
What’s better than waiting for Polygon release farming?

INKU Bermuda 🔺

  • Date: Tomorrow June 25th, at 03:30 UTC
  • Rewards: $INKU🖤
  • Amount to be distributed: 250 $INKU🖤
  • Duration Time: 5 Days
  • Staking Token: $TAKO 🐙
  • Maximum time multiplier: 3x at day 5 📈

New Pools

Because we know that you like farming, two new pools also open today at the same time!

$USDC Pool

Stable coin direct competition for USDT


Native token of Polygon Network

As you notice these two tokens have a close relationship with Polygon 💜

Time flies! ✨

Follow us on all our social networks to keep up with the news! 🐙

Web: https://takodefi.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TakoDeFi
Official TG Group: https://t.me/TakoDeFi
Official TG Spanish Group https://t.me/TakoDefi_ES
Announcements Channel: https://t.me/TakoDeFiAnn
Price Bot Channel: https://t.me/BinanceRocketTAKO




Your cool blooded best Yield Farm 🎣

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Tako DeFi

Tako DeFi

Your cool blooded best Yield Farm 🎣

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