Purple madness! 💜 — news in Polygon and INKU 🖤

We have noticed during this last months that although we are a crosschain project most of our TVL focuses on BSC, that is why we want to give importance to our purple side!

New Single Vaults 🐙

As you voted a few weeks ago we will increase the rewards on the Polygon side, in addition to incorporating two new vaults for our main tokens!

$INKU Vault
$TAKO Vault

This will not stop there, we will adjust the Polygon farms to maximize the TVL and liquidity over the following days. We know that the juiciest APRs are in Polygon, we just need to give them more attention! 💜

These changes will be pushed tomorrow, Sunday, September 19 at 23:00 UTC ⏰

Changes to $INKU use case 🖤

INKU has been on the network for some time, being the complementary token of our platform and exclusive reward for vaults, from the beginning we thought of it as a more exclusive token, based on the fact that its maximum emission is limited and each day the amount available is reduced through burns.
We want to make it more value by adjusting some nuts, starting with the voting system, we will give exclusivity for the next coming proposals to being vote only using $INKU

In addition to that we want to inform about certain changes in the exclusivity of Bermuda, from now on we will reduce the fess of $INKU Bermudas 🔺 to 0% deposit fee, you can always use and burn $TAKO to apply as multiplier.

Starting by filling an old one and wanted by all, the $BANANA Bermuda 🍌

Favorite fruit?

$BANANA Bermuda 🔺

  • Date: Today, August 18th
  • Rewards: $BANANA🍌
  • Amount to be distributed: 750 $BANANA🍌
  • Duration Time: 30 Days
  • Staking Token: $INKU 🖤 (Polygon & BSC)
  • Maximum time multiplier: 2x at day 15📈

These are the first important news of the month, more surprises to come, stay tuned!

Follow us on all our social networks to keep up with the news! 🐙

Web: https://takodefi.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TakoDeFi
Official TG Group: https://t.me/TakoDeFi
Official TG Spanish Group https://t.me/TakoDefi_ES
Announcements Channel: https://t.me/TakoDeFiAnn
Price Bot Channel: https://t.me/BinanceRocketTAKO




Your cool blooded best Yield Farm 🎣

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Tako DeFi

Tako DeFi

Your cool blooded best Yield Farm 🎣

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