Start of the month — New Vaults 🛡️!

How is your start of the month going?, we are eager to announce new things!
We start by announcing the incorporation of new vaults

BSC 💛:

  • USDT/BNB Autocompound Wault LP + $INKU 💛🖤
  • WEX/USDT Autocompound Wault LP + $INKU 💵🖤
  • WEX Earn $WEX + $INKU 💚🖤
  • BNB/SKILL Autocompound APE LP + $INKU ⚔️🖤

Polygon 💜:

  • WEXpoly Earn $WEXpoly + $INKU 💜🖤
  • USDC/USDT Autocompound Wault LP + $INKU 💵🖤
  • WEXpoly/MATIC Autocompound Wault LP + $INKU 💜🖤

These vaults will be incorporated from Tuesday August 3rd at 23:00 UTC

Follow us on all our social networks to keep up with the news! 🐙

Official TG Group:
Official TG Spanish Group
Announcements Channel:
Price Bot Channel:




Your cool blooded best Yield Farm 🎣

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Tako DeFi

Tako DeFi

Your cool blooded best Yield Farm 🎣

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