$TAKO 🐙 Polygon Bridge Guide — AnySwap Bridge

Starting today, the option to bridge your $TAKO from the BSC network to Polygon is available!
Here we bring you the guide on how to do it :

1. Open AnySwap bridge

2. Connect your wallet to Polygon 💜

Go to Metamask -> Settings -> Networks and copy the settings below

When you have this ready press select Polygon as network and press Connect to a Wallet

3. Bridge TAKO 🐙

When you are ready, press the CrossChain Deposit button and sign the tx in your wallet.

You can follow the details of the transfer in the floating icon that will appear.

In a few minutes you will see the balance reflected in your account on Polygon side 😎 you can do it by searching in the explorer your address https://polygonscan.com/

$TAKO Polygon Address: 0x6d2a71f4edf10ab1e821b9b373363e1e24e5df6b

For now you can only hold your $TAKO in Polygon, remember that the farms open on Sunday ☀!

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