Vaults on Polygon 💜 — Last dish 🥢!

We reached the end of #FoodieWeek 🥢 announcing that $INKU and vaults are going to Polygon! ✨

The steps will be similar to what we did with $TAKO 🐙 starting with a bridge to Polygon hosted by AnySwap and keeping the same token, for this we recommend you take a look at our previous post:

INKU on Polygon 🖤

We prepare the INKU bridge in advance, you can find the token contract here:

You can send your tokens to Polygon from now! through the following links

Initial strategies 🚀

To begin we will open vaults for the following pairs:

TAKO/MATIC — Autocompound APE LP + $INKU 🐙🖤

BANANA/MATIC— Autocompound APE LP + $INKU 🍌🖤

CRYSTL-MATIC — Autocompound APE LP + $INKU 💎🖤

We will also run a poll on our social networks to set more strategies ✨!


  • Thursday July 15thBridge Opening 🔗 and Poll for new Strategy 😎
  • Friday 16th INKU/MATIC Farm opening on TakoDefi 🚜
  • Between Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th — Vaults starts in Polygon 🔒
  • Next week INKU Bermuda 🔺 at Polygon 💜!

We expect this launch to be smooth and hassle free! 🤩

Follow us on all our social networks to keep up with the news! 🐙

Official TG Group:
Official TG Spanish Group
Announcements Channel:
Price Bot Channel:



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